Better Sterno Alternative



Better Sterno Alternative…

The items you will need:

Small tin container (altoids tin)



First you will need to cut the cardboard to the depth of the container.

Next pack the tin so the exposed side of the cardboard is facing outside of the tin. I use a spiraling shape but it makes no difference on how it’s formed to fit. It does, however matter how tight it is placed it the tin. If it is so tight that the cardboard’s zig zag pattern within its side walls is flattened then the wax won’t fill inside and the flame time will be shortened.  Having the best ratio of wax and cardboard is the goal.

Next melt the wax and pore it slowly into the cracks of the cardboard ensuring that it has as little air as possible. The goal is to allow the cardboard to burn slowly. In short, you are creating a candle with a large surface area. The round one is what I am going to use to light a pumpkin!

This burns fast and hot! It will last a few hours and can be hotter then sterno and more “pocket friendly”. Making a few of these at a time will show its value quickly.  




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