Campfire Tips

Campfire Tips

1. Strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water to use as a night light.

2. Glue sandpaper to the top of your plastic match holder. Easy to strike the matches.

3. Use an old plastic coffee container to store toilet paper. It will keep dry.

4. Use tic-tac containers to store spices.

5. Cut up a straw and fill the pieces up with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste for single-use packets. Seal the ends with a lighter.

6.  Place a scoop of coffee grounds into a coffee filter and tie it up with dental floss for individual coffee packages.

7.  Use a vegetable peeler  to cut up soap for individual use.

8. Wrap a belt around a tree, use some s hooks to hang utensils from a tree.

9. Use old prescription bottles to pack a mini first aid kit or other small items.

10. Put a bundle of sage in the campfire to keep mosquitoes away.