DIY 4th of July Ring Toss



DIY 4th of July Ring Toss…

This portable DIY bottle ring toss game is the perfect way to take some friendly family competition to the beach, a day at the park, or your next backyard BBQ.


DIY 4th of July Ring Toss
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  1. 2 small wood CD crates
  2. 12 glass or plastic bottles
  3. Craft paint (red, white and blue)
  4. Spray paint (blue)
  5. Foam brush
  6. Jute twine or yarn
  7. Gue gun & glue
  8. Assorted wood stars
  9. Small embroidery hoops (4 hoops per player)
  10. 120 grit sand paper
  11. Wax paper lined tray
  12. Pliers
  1. To make the crate, sand crates lightly to smooth any rough edges. Then paint the interior and exterior of crates with spray paint until covered. Set aside and let it dry.
  2. To make the wooden stars, sand the stars lightly to smooth any rough edges. Then arrange the stars before painting to select placement. (TIP: snap a photo with your camera phone to remember your layout once you’re ready to glue!) Then, paint stars with 2-3 coats using white paint, letting them dry in between each coat. Finally, Glue the stars to 1 side of each crate with s glue gun!
  3. To make the bottles, wash and remove any labels with warm soapy water. (TIP: Goo Gone works like a charm to help remove any remaining glue).
  4. Pour red paint into 6 bottles and white paint into the other 6 bottles. (TIP: add a tiny bit of water to your paint if it’s too thick)
  5. Rotate the bottles slowly to cover the entire interior of the bottle. Then, pour the excess paint out. Place it upside down on wax paper-lined tray to finish draining the paint.
  6. After about 30 minutes, flip the bottles right side up and clean the rim. Let the bottles dry for 48–72 hours right side up.
  7. To make the hoops, remove any stickers and metal parts. You can remove the metal parts by bending with it with pliers.
  8. Then, glue the large hoop openings together with glue gun. Wrap the jute around the hoops and secure with glue. Paint hoops with different colors and/or patterns different colors. Create enough hoops so each player has 4.
Set Up
  1. Place crates together and set 6 bottles in each crate to make 4 rows of 3 bottles. Mark a line 3-6 feet away from the bottles for game players to stand behind when tossing the rings.
How To Play
  1. 1) Give each player 4 rings
  2. 2) Have them stand behind the line toss rings onto the bottles
  1. Player who rings the most bottles wins!
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