DIY Camping Lantern

DIY Lantern

DIY Camping Lantern…


Have the kids help you make these out of old peanut butter jars


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DIY Camping Lantern
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  1. Two empty identical plastic jars with lids from peanut butter, mayonaise or any other recyclable
  2. Wax paper (although any white paper will do: freezer paper, parchment, printer, etc.)
  3. Wire or rope for a handle
  4. One battery operated votive candle
  5. Glue stick
  6. Tape
  7. Drill or Dremel
  8. Hot glue gun or other strong glue
  1. 1. Clean out one of your empty jars and take any sticky lable goo off of the outside with something like Goo Gone. You only need the lid from the second container.
  2. 2. Measure and cut three pieces of waxed paper to fit around the inside of the jar with just 1/4" or so of overlap.
  3. 3. I used a glue stick to glue the ends of the three papers together before taping them together to form a tube. Place the tube in the jar.
  4. 4. Now you need to drill a hole on either side of one of your lids. Try to line them up directly across from each other.
  5. 5. Thread the ends of the wire or rope through the two holes. Pinch the ends of the wire or knot the ends of the rope to keep them put.
  6. 6. Now drill a larger hole into the bottom of the second lid. You can use an exacto knife to cut off any extra plastic.
  7. 7. Line up your votive on the inside of the lid so the switch is centered over the hole. Draw a circle around the votive for reference and then hot glue it down.
  8. 8. Now hot glue the handle lid to the bottom (closed) end of the jar and screw the candle lid onto the former top (open) end of the jar.
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