DIY Glow Jars



DIY Glow Jars…

They take about two minutes to make and cost only 20 cents a piece.

For each glow jar you will need:

  • a jar
  • two glow sticks
  • scissors
  • rubber gloves
  • safety glasses

Grab two glow sticks and cut at one end. Make sure they are inside the jar when you cut them. I used rubber gloves because I didn’t want to get the glowing liquid on my hands.

Shake each glow stick while holding inside jar until contents are empty. You will notice little pieces of what looks like plastic along with the liquid. One reader said this is actually glass, so be careful. You will dump these out later.

Head to your garbage and dump out the little pieces of plastic. Swirl liquid around the jar.

That’s it. You’re done! Go and find a dark place and enjoy the glow! (Note: These will glow for about an hour in warmish temps.)




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