DIY Indian Weather Rock

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Indian Weather Rock


Making one is a great activity for the kids while camping.  Build up the suspense by telling the kids they’re going to make a weather forecasting rock.  Explain it’s an ancient Indian ritual, but don’t tell them how it works.



  1. A fist-size, (or larger), rock or stone

  2. 3 pieces of wood – usually fallen wood, as straight as possible, minimum 1” in diameter and 24” long. (can be any size you want)

  3. 4 to 6 feet of lashing material – rope, cord, or twine

  4. Something to write and make the sign with – can be a sheet of paper, cardboard, or flat wood you can write on

Step by step instructions are found at

Note – You can also tie the rock to a tree limb or any other support that will allow the rock to freely hang about 2 feet.  It’s best when the rock is in the open & affected by all weather conditions.

After the kids are done making the weather rock its time to unveil the forecasting sign. You could make the sign at home or have them laugh as you make in with them.  It reads –


Indian Weather Rock 



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