DIY Tent A/C

Tent AC

DIY Tent A/C

Stay cool for under $20


DIY Tent A/C
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  1. 1. Small battery power fan
  2. 2. Foam cooler
  3. 3. Knife
  4. 4. Pen
  5. 5. Later - batteries and ice
  1. 1. Buy a small foam cooler - you can find it in liquor stores and they run about $3.
  2. 2. Buy a small battery powered camp fan. Make sure it is smaller than the top of the cooler. I got mine at Target for $12.
  3. 3. Lay the fan on top of the cooler. Draw around the fan with a pen.
  4. 4. Carefully cut through the foam cooler. Depending on the size of the fan, you may need to cut a bit smaller than the fan. You want the fan to nestle down into the top of the cooler without falling down in. If you don't cut carefully you will break the lid.
  5. 5. On the upper side of the cooler, cut some squares into the foam. Do this all around the cooler, but don't make them so close together that it weakens the cooler.
  6. 6. Fill ziplock bags with ice & place them in cooler.
  7. 7. Turn on fan & enjoy the cool breeze.
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