Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun…

Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Fog


A large Glass


Dry Ice

For instructions visit: squidoo



Spooky Silhouettes

Spooky Silhouettes

Spooky Silhouettes…

  • Panel of white muslin or polyester, cut to fit window, Roc-Lon Muslin (CIA123 3558715), in 90-inch
  • Black plastic weed barrier (0214444), from  garden centers
  • Yardstick
  • White chalk
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • templates

Source & Tutorial: marthastewart




Witch Shoe

Witch Shoe

Witch Shoe…

Shape with cardboard & aluminum foil… Hold with tape… Cover with phonebook paper… Paint black… Cover with glitter… Add a buckle.

Source & tutorial:  lifeartcollide




Ding, Dong!

Ding, Dong!

Ding, Dong!

Cut the legs from a pair of striped stockings ($10; welovecolors.com) and stuff them with cotton batting, then glue them underneath a welcome mat and add witchlike shoes.


Source:  parents




Mouse Motel

Mouse Motel

Mouse Motel…

Cut holes in carved pumpkin & add plastic mice from the Halloween store.

Source:  marthastewart