Make Your Own Camping Shower

Camping Shower

This is a very simple solar-heated portable shower unit to take camping. There is no privacy shade, just simply the water delivery aspect.

You will need:

1 – 9 litre rectangluar water jug.
1 – braided poly rope. I didn’t measure, but I used more than 10 feet, and less than 20.
1 – garden watering can with detachable spout OR a replacement spout.
the watering can pictured is the very same one I used. it fit the jug perrrrfectly.
1 – chain shackle
1 – unscrewable chain link
1 – roll of Gorilla tape

3 – contractor grade glue sticks
1 – glue gun
1 – tiny tube of krazy glue
1 – thin piece of wood (I used a Redbird match stick)
1 – pliers
1 – lighter/butane torch
1 – scissors

Instructions: Camping Shower