Name Plate Can



Name Plate Can…

A fun project that helps claim your piece of land! Paint a recycled aluminum can and personalize it with your name. Poke a sturdy stick into the ground outside your cabin or tent and add your name plate can.


Name Plate Can
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  1. Empty aluminum can
  2. Acrylic craft paint
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Round sponge applicators
  5. Stick or branch
  1. Paint the outside and bottom of the can with a light color. Use colorful paint to decorate the can; round applicators work great for flowers.
  2. Use the handle end of a paintbrush to make polka dots. Skinny paintbrushes make good stripes.
  3. Allow the can to dry completely.
  4. Push a long stick or branch into the ground to anchor it. Place the can upside down on the end of the stick.
  5. Pictured is the girl’s version, but boys will like dark colors such as blues, greens, and browns. Using a large brush and pouncing it on the can with different colors will create a camouflage affect.
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