DIY Orange cup bird feeder

Bird Feeder

Orange cup bird feeder


One of the easiest bird feeders you can make requires only a large orange, some heavy string or twine and your bird food!


Orange Cup Bird Feeder
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  1. 1 large orange
  2. Twine
  3. Scissors
  4. Knife
  5. Spoon
  6. Small screwdriver
  7. Bird food/granola
  1. Carefully slice the orange in half with a sharp knife and scoop out all the fruit and pulp (save it for a snack for yourself).
  2. Poke two holes into the orange about half an inch from the edge of the bowl, where the points should be linked by the twine.
  3. Cut one piece of twine about a 18 inches long. Thread each string between the two holes in the orange.
  4. Add food to the orange peel and hang in a tree.
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