Outdoor Pallet Table DIY



Outdoor Pallet Table DIY…

Works great as an outdoor movable table, and a great alternative to expensive patio furniture.

To make the table, we used two wood pallets, one 4×4, 4 caster wheels with nuts & bolts, L-brackets & skrews, and then gray stain. First we determined the height we wanted (21″), subtracted the height of the casters and two pallets (15″), then cut the 4x4s for the additional 6″ legs. We then attached the 4 legs to the top of the lower pallet and also the underside of the upper pallet. After attaching the 4 casters using nuts & bolts, we decided a little color might look nice. We chose a gray stain hoping for a subtle coloring, but the wood absorbed stain so fast we ended up with a nearly black table. And I will add the amount of work to cover every surface inside of the pallets was….brutal. Do-over I would probably recomend keeping the natural wood color. I still really like the dark look and the size of the table is perfect for our patio.

Source: http://www.joyeverafter.com



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