Red & Blue Pop Rocks Shooters



Red and Blue Pop Rocks Shooters…

These patriotic shooters start out with crackle and fizz from the Pop Rocks candy and end with a cool, smooth blend of sweet grenadine, cream and Schnapps.


Red and Blue Pop Rocks Shooters
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  1. Paint brush
  2. Light corn syrup
  3. Shot glasses
  4. Red or blue Pop Rocks candy
  5. Grenadine
  6. Creamer or sprouted mixing cup
  7. Half and half
  8. Maui Blue Hawaiian Schnapps
  9. Bar spoon
  1. Spread the Pop Rocks candy on a clean cutting board or plate. Use the paint brush to brush light corn syrup around the rim of a shot glass, then dip the rim in the Pop Rocks, twisting to coat. Pour grenadine in the glass until it is 1/3 full.
  2. In a creamer or a spouted mixing cup, mix one part half and half to two parts Maui® Blue Hawaiian Schnapps.
  3. Slowly pour the creamy Schnapps mixture over a bar spoon or over the back of a spoon so that the dense mixture rests on top of the grenadine. Serve immediately.
  4. TIP: For those of you who are skilled in “floating,” or layering drinks, omit mixing the half and half and Schnapps and simply layer the white and blue, too.
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